The Cartoon Museum Case Study


Many of us grew up watching cartoons. However, as we get older, we watch less and less and gradually stop watching cartoons. The cartoon museum is a museum that held exhibitions on cartoons from different countries and different generations. It is targeting the adult between the ages of 25 to 38, aiming to create a space for them to travel back to their childhood.

Problem Statement

Our target audience is adults between 25 to 38 years old. This population is often stressed because of their jobs or their family. They have to work hard for a promotion, for money, for family. The cartoon museum aims to provide them a space to forget all the troubles they have now and think of the happy memories they have had when they are little.

Competitive Analysis

The possible competitors of the Cartoon Museum are other instagrammable museums such as the Museum of Ice Cream, the Museum of Dream Space, and the Museum of 3D Illusions. After looking deep down at those websites, I found that they all share a similarity: a gallery that displays photos of their visitors took within their museum. This section plays a big part in attracting people to visit their museum.



Wireframe developed with the mixture of the 2nd and 3rd idea

Responsive Design

There are three different versions of the Cartoon Museum website: the laptop, tablet, and mobile.

Laptop Version

Desktop version landing page

Tablet Version

Tablet version landing page

Mobile Version

Mobile version landing page